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Hi, I am BAIBA


Atmospheric Electro Pop

"Her performance exemplifies how music can be the most intimate experience on the planet. BAIBA's vocals are rich and intoxicating, where you hang onto every word she sings and wish she was next to you. The electronic arrangements are familiar, aided by the stirring production that together creates a haunting soundscape. Dazzlingly breathtaking introduction to a hidden gem." - The Revue

BAIBA is young Latvian musician, currently living in Innsbruck, Austria.
She grew up at her parents farm in a small village in Latvia, where she started playing piano and accordion at the age of 7. After high school she began to perform at folk festivals and clubs.

For the last 3 years she has been living in Innsbruck, where she teamed up with producer Christoph Holzknecht (CHRS) and after two years of writing, arranging and recording, BAIBA has released her debut album ‘’These Storms’’.

Her singles ‘Running’, ‘Light Inside’, ‘Touch You Right’ and ‘You Don’t Know Me’ has got the radio airplay all around Europe and has also been featured in numerous Canadian and American music blogs. Latest single ‘You Don’t Know Me’ is played by several biggest Latvian radio stations: Radio SWH, Radio 5, Star FM.

In her solo electro concert program BAIBA is performing powerful and dazzling concert set, filled with mysterious ambiences and deep beats.

Baiba Dēķena: vocals, keys, synth & electronics




by BAIBA (Baiba Dēkena)